If you feel that you have suffered from Anti-Christian Hate Crime then you can report it via the

TRUE VISION website. 


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National Churchwatch is the buisness name for Nick Tolson. He is dedicated to ensuring churches and other Places of Worship can operate safely in their communities. 

Nick develops crime reduction techniques that assist churches to improve their security and reduce the risk of crime occuring.



Nick also develops personal safety techniques for churchworkers to reduce the risk of violence against the and he also carries out research into Anti-Christian Hate Crime and other crimes against churches


Nick as National Churchwatch no longer runs seminars but is concentrating on church crime research

A vicar wearing the Indenticom Alarm

**** NEW ****



National Churchwatch have teamed up with SoloProtect to produce a personal attack alarm that is suitable for Clergy & Churchworkers. It is discrete, effective and can get a rapid police response if the worst happens. 


The alarm is designed to look like an ID badge with a button on the back which you can press if you feel at risk or need assistance. The badge connects immediately to a control room who can monitor what is going on and call the police if necessary. The person who is causing the problem has no idea that you have called for assistance but the alarm will vibrate like a heartbeat so you know that help is on the way. It is ideal for lone workers, single clergy or even clergy families on their own in their clergy home. 


The alarm is also perfect for volunteer stewards or similar who may be in the church on their own for a period of time. Church secretaries are a perfect match for this alarm. You may not have time to use the phone or you may not want the person causing the issue to know you have called for help. It is truely peace of mind.


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