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Training & Seminars

National Churchwatch is the only organisation in the UK that provides specialist personal safety training seminars for Clergy & Churchworkers in the UK. 


Seminars are run by NIck Tolson, who is the Director of National Churchwatch. Nick is the UK's leading expert in Personal Safety for clergy and Churchworkers. As well as being the Director of National Churchwatch he is the Christian representative on the Places of Worship Security Panel of the Counter Extremism Directorate at the Home Office. The Panel of five people of all Faiths have been given £2.4 million by the Home Office to assist Places of Worship to improve their security in order to reduce religious Hate Crime against them.


In July 2016 Nick published the Guidelines for dealing with Anti-Christian Hate Crime and has written the Counter Terrorism Advice for Churches following the terrorist attack in France where a priest was murdered. 


Nick is a Reseach Fellow of the Winston Churchill Trust and has spent time in the USA studying how they deal with crime in Places of Worship including active shooter senarios.


Nick has three published books on Security in Churches and Personal Safety for Clergy, he regularly contributes to many national newspapers, TV, radio and magazines. He has also published an academic work called 'The Clergy Lifestyle Theory' which looks into violence against clergy and why it occurs.



Nick has a degree in Adult Education Teaching and is a former Police Constable and Royal AIr Force Police Officer. He is also a qualified personal safety training and a winner of the Personal Trainer of the Year in 2008. 




National Churchwatch runs various seminars which are tailored to the needs of the organisation


Day Seminars usually run from 10am to 3pm. The cost of a day seminar is £400 plus travel at 0.25p a mile from Shepton Mallet


A Personal Safety Day Seminar for Clergy will cover;


Risk Assessment;

Conflict Management;

Situational Clues;

Parishioners (The Toxic Congregation)

Visiting other people's homes;

Church Premises (Lone Working)


Other seminars are available for Church Security. 


Afternoon or Evening seminars usually run for 2 hours and cost £250 plus travel at 0.25p a mile from Shepton Mallet


Subjects include Clergy Personal Safety, Churchworkers Personal Safety, Church Security,


All seminars are evidence based and are updated on a case by case basis to ensure the very latest advice is available.


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