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20th July 2017

Sorry for the lack of news! We have been working hard with the Government and other agencies to set up somewhere where Christians can report hate crime. As part of this the Government has released funds through the True Vision charity to run the first ever independent research into the amount of Anti-Christian hate crime in England and Wales. We will pass on details as soon as the researcher has been appointed. 



27th February 2017

Following the terrible attack in Westminister it shows that very serious incidents can occur at any time and can unfold in just a few seconds. We have been thinking about how to protect clergy in a sensible, simple way that will reduce the risk to them and those who attend their churches. In the next month we will be revealing a link with a company that will ensure that clergy are protected by using a personal attack alarm that is monitored and is ideal for clergy. It is light, discrete and only the person with the alarm knows that it is activated. It is a huge step forward in trying to reduce the risk to Clergy as they follow their vocation and to those who look after our churches.



6th February 2017

Just had a lovely e mail from someone who attended a recent Clergy Personal Safety Training Day in the Midlands,


I just had a message from someone who attended the training day,


"Hello, I attended the training  less than a fortnight ago and messaging to say thanks. AND... so I just put into practice the safety training day stuff...A psychotic man just tried to break into my vicarage whilst a lodger was home alone. She managed to shut the door and lock it on him. He was banging on the door shouting bad vicar! I was in my church with a large group of people including children and she texted to say what had happened and that he was still outside. so I came out tentatively to see if the guy was there - he was so I rang the police- he then saw me round the corner but I immediately came to the church, I bolted the door just in time, and shouted to him 'I've called the police go away!' Police came straight away and arrested him. So glad I felt confident in knowing I was allowed to phone the police. I wouldn't have felt that without the training- I might have felt like I was bothering them and should just put up with it. The fact is he tried to force his way into the house. Onlookers thinknhe was on heroin. He continually shouted bad vicar! Crazy. I've never seen him before in my life. So thanks again."


If you want a training just get in touch!


23rd January 2017

Great News! True Vision, the Government authorised Hate Crime Charity are to give us a grant to run a project dealing with Anti-Christian Hate Crime. We are llooking forward to working with them to support victims



22nd January 2017

For day to day information please like our 'National Churchwatch' Facebook page


5th December 2016


Slightly Late news! I can confirm that the Government would like to fund our project. The Business plan has been submitted and we should find out in January whether the funding is confirmed! Exciting! 


28th November 2016


We have some exciting news that we shall be announcing tomorrow! Watch this space!




17th November 2016


Inter-Faith Roundtable at the House of Commons


Wednesday Afternoon was spent at the House of Commons at the Interfaith Roundtable. The Home Secretary was in attendance as were several other ministers, representatives of the Muslim, Jewish and Sikh faiths. I represented the Christian faith. There was also meant to be a representative of the ArchBishop of Canterbury but he didnt turn up.
We spoke about the need to reduce crime against Religions and the need to seperate religious hate crime and racial hate crime. as they do not always go together.
I impressed on the members present that there is a significant amount of Anti-Christian Hate crime, and, unlike most hate crime, it is not concentrated in any particular areas but is spread across the UK. I intimated that it is possible that Anti-Christian Hate crime is more prevalent in society than all of the other religious hate crime put together.
This needs researching far more and on Monday there might be news on this front! Watch this space.
I also had a short meeting with the Wells MP, James Heappey, and discussed the Anti-Christian Hate Crime in his Constituancy. I think he was rather shocked at what I told him.


15th November 2016


Meeting with the Home Secretary


Tomorrow is a big day, the Director is taking part in the Inter Faith Forum with the Home Secretary and Justice Secretary in the House of Commons. There are about 8 groups that deal with Religious Hate Crime meeting with the Home Secretary to discuss how to improve reporting and the detection of anti-religious hate crime. There is a special emphasis on how to prevent on-line hate crime. Watch this space for an up date in the next few days! 



30th October 2016


Mail on Sunday Article




If you want to see how inaccurate an article can be then click on the Mail on Sunday Article. Nick was talking to them about Satanists vandalising churches and then seperately about the Places of Worship Panel and the journalist puts 2 and 2 together and gets 25! The information in the article is simply not true. Look at Nick Tolson;s article on the Guidelines and Articles page to see an accurate application of the data!


27th October 2016


Nick Tolson at the Home Office


This week Nick Tolson, the Director of National Churchwatch, has been at the Home Office looking at applications to the Places of Worship Security Panel for money to improve security from hate crime. There were over 285 applications from churches, mosques and other places of worship. The Panel considered 85 of the applications with over 50 being approved. The Home Office has pledged £2.4 million over three years for protecting Places of Worship against hate crime. The next round is in March, look out for the adverts and think about how this money could help with your securiy.

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